72 Seater Coach Hire

Our Rochester minibus hires 72-seater coaches are the biggest coaches in our fleet and offer the perfect choice to transport large groups in a highly efficient and economical manner. Large coaches offer economies of scale, as the sizable fixed costs associated with any trip gets divided among a larger pool of passengers.  Since all members of the group travel together, tour organisers have it easy, as they do not have to coordinate multiple trips or worry about leaving anyone out amidst the chaos and confusion. It is easy to organise food, entertainment, and other options at a single place, rather than disperse it across multiple sub-groups. Large coaches are also ideal for class trips and other excursions when group bonding is an essential purpose of the trip.

We offer state-of-the-art modern coaches, which do not lack in anything. All our Rochester minibus company coaches come with advanced safety features, and are handled by drivers who have received a special licence to handle such vehicles. The drivers furthermore receive regular refresher training on not just driving, but on customer care, and latest traffic regulations related to the type of vehicles they drive. The drivers are aware of where to park the vehicles, which routes to take, and all other factors which can make a big difference between an ordinary and a well-thought-out trip.


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