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Rochester, Kent, is 30 miles away from London, and ravishingly beautiful. The ancient Norman castle, the old houses set amidst curling lanes, the quaint bookstalls with flint walls, the unending views of the long Medway valley, Charles Dickens’ Swiss chalet on the High Street, Seneca Park Zoo, and more, are must-see inclusions in a traveller’s or excursion’s itinerary. The historic Seabreeze theme park offers a fun day outing for families and others.

Rochester has been made famous by Charles Dickens, who described the town in his novels “'Pickwick Papers,” and “Great Expectations.” The Dickens festivals, held in May every year each year, and the Christmas Festival' held at the beginning of December attract large numbers of tourists from all over the world. Many shops and businesses have Dickens related names. The buildings and places featured in his novels are easily identified, thanks to signposts. Places such as Eastgate House on the High Street, Restoration House off Crow Lane, and others, featuring in the novels, attract crowds all year long. Rochester Cathedral, the second oldest cathedral in England, after Canterbury, and the Rochester Castle, one of the best-preserved Norman architecture in England rank as two top historical landmarks in the town.  The towering heights of the castle are steeped in landmark events of English history. The Guildhall Museum features permanent exhibitions based on Medway's history. The Restoration House, another stately building, is a classic example of Elizabethan architecture.

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