About Us

We are the leading minibus hire operators in Rochester. We have been offering our services for over 14 years now, and our customers have always been delighted by the range of our fleet, the depth of our service, the quality on offer, and the flexibility of our plans.

Rochester is a thriving suburban town, 31 miles away from London. All the major areas of London are just 45 to 60 minutes away. The city has its fair share of tourist attractions, including the stately Rochester cathedral. The spectacular Kent countryside around Rochester offers a delight to the eyes. We are very well known for offering high- quality minibus and coach hire in Rochester. The vehicles our company provides are superior to the vehicles on offer from any other service provider in Rochester.

Vehicles used by Rochester minibus

We are the leading Rochester minibus hire company. Just have a glance at our top- quality vehicles and you will come to know that all the buses and coaches provided by our company will give you complete satisfaction. Our company provides the minibus according to the number of passengers and for the sake of supreme customer service, we have the variety of vehicles in our fleet so that all of the customer’s desire could be fulfilled.

Iveco 16-seater minibus standard

A group of 16 members would do well to hire our Iveco 16-seater minibus standard. Mostly the groups we come across comprise of up to 16 members and thus, we have prepared our fleet keeping in mind the demand. The Iveco 16-seater minibus standard features 6- speed manual transmission, with a diesel engine. With plenty of space, luxurious seating, and an amazing interior, the Iveco minibus is the best possible vehicle for accommodating 16 group members. Have fun with your gang. Chat with each other and visit all the attractive places of Rochester. We shall provide you with an opportunity to make memories.

Ford transit 12-16 seater minibus standard

The Ford 12-16- seater transit minibus promises an exceptional all-around experience. The minibus offers advanced hands-free technology, allowing you to control the music by voice commands. The headlights of this vehicle are equipped with a sensor that detects dimmed light and turns it on automatically, making travel safer and easier. Customers who have availed this minibus have been impressed with the luxury and state-of-the-art features on offer, as evident from their reviews.

Mercedes 8 and 16 Seater Executive

The Mercedes 8 and 16 seaters Executive minibus is the perfect vehicle for business class travel. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vehicle provides the highest levels of luxury amongst minibuses. The vehicle has a capacity of 6-9 passengers and allows you to enjoy yourself to the hilt. Our company ensures you a safe and comfortable journey with an experience beyond expectation. The Mercedes brand is always known for its eye-catching, comfy and lavish features. Our Mercedes minibus will guarantee you a superior, magnificent and luxurious trip.

Renault 16-Seater standard

The Renault 16-seater standard minibus can accommodate up to 16 passengers easily provides a variable layout of 14-17- seats, and is one of the best vehicles to fulfil your group travel requirements. The interior is amazing and the vehicle is overall made really luxurious. Just as our Rochester minibus hire services never compromise on quality, Renault always ensures the reliability and road performance of their vehicles. All Renault vehicles are proven to be cosy and spacious and deliver good on-road performance.

Volkswagen Crafter 16-seater Standard

The Volkswagen Crafter 16-seater Standard minibus is the best-in-class vehicle, and packs in all the characteristic German efficiency and ingenuity of the famous German automobile manufacturer. This vehicle perfectly suits all purposes, from VIP travel to budget travel, and from a night out revelry to funerals.