24 Seater Bus Hire

Groups who have more than 16 and less than 25 members may avail our 24-seater minibus.  These vehicles also come within the category of small vehicle, meaning it is still nimble while offering all the space and amenities of a large coach. Passengers with luggage would find this vehicle especially handy, as the vehicle can accommodate sizable luggage loads, without the need to attach a trailer.

While it is always better and logistically efficient for a group to travel together, at times owing to the sheer size of the group, or out of any other consideration, splitting up of the group may become inevitable. In such a scenario, the best option is to hire multiples of our 24-seater minibus. With such a set-up, your group members get infinite space, with all comforts requires for smooth travel. Our highly trained Rochester minibus drivers, backed up by extremely dedicated customer support team co-ordinates everything top perfection and makes sure your group does not miss out on anything.

Our Rochester minibus company’s 24-seater bus offers the best of everything, without having to comprise a bit. These buses are extremely popular for airport transfers, corporate trips, concerts, sightseeing trips, and several other purposes. It is an extremely popular class of vehicle, always in high demand. Those who avail it once always prefer this class of vehicle, if their group size comes anywhere near to the range suitable for these vehicles.

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