Cheap Minibus Hire

Many people looking for cheap minibus hire make a fundamental mistake of looking at just the per-kilometre prices, oblivious to other factors. At times, the low rates may be because of some hidden costs, which manifest only after you have made the booking, and even start the trip. At times, the low rates may be because the coach hire provider compromised on some essentials, such as neglecting to clean the vehicle properly, hiring novice or inexperienced drivers, and more. Such cutting corners can ruin your trip, and even compromise on the safety of the group.

If you are looking for cheap minibus hire, always opt for a provider who reduces cost through their efficiency and by charging low margins, rather than by cutting corners.  Our Rochester minibus hire fits the bill perfectly in these aspects.

When you opt for Rochester minibus hire from us, you are assured of complete and comprehensive service, at cheap prices. We offer the latest vehicles, fully-loaded with the latest accessories and fitments. Our entire fleet consists of popular vehicle models, which are widely accepted for its in-build comfort and safety features.  Because of these state-of-the-art vehicles, we save on fuel and maintenance costs, and we pass on the benefits to you in the form of reduced rates.

We offer transparent pricing, with flexible options. The price we quote is the price you pay, with no hidden charges. Unlike other operators who adopt a “take-it-or-leave-it” approach, we understand our customer’s requirements and tailor our quote to suit your budget and specific requirements. We never try to add extra or unnecessary add-ons to your minibus hire, to inflate the bill. We offer the optimal service, at the lowest prices.  Furthermore, our dedicated staff is focused on delivering total customer satisfaction, and ensure you have a delightful experience at each step of your journey.


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