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Our Rochester minibus and coach hire prices are the lowest in the industry. In fact, when you consider all costs, including the hidden costs, the comfort, convenience, and the time value of money, we offer the best deal in town.

No other minibus hire provider is able to match our extremely low per-kilometre prices. This is not because we cut corners, or compromise on safety, or other essentials. All our vehicles are new, with the latest features, comfortable seats, and extensive safety features inbuilt.  Our drivers are very skilled, experienced, and receive regular training. We offer round the clock prompt support. Our entire team, including drivers and customer support agents, are geared to delight the customer. So how do we offer low prices?

Low prices are embedded in our business strategy.

We always deploy new vehicles, disposing of old vehicles, before such vehicles start to incur considerable maintenance and repair expenses. New vehicles are also comparatively fuel efficient.

We maintain our vehicles well, ensuring prompt and regular maintenance, and fixing issues in the bud before it grows into big problems, and major repair costs.

We train our drivers on best driving practices, further increasing fuel mileage.

We instil a culture of delighting the customer in everything we do, making sure our workforce works to their highest productivity levels.

As evident, we are able to charge low prices from our customers owing to our lower operating costs, which in turn is a result of our highly efficient operations. Further, as part of our business strategy, we charge extremely low margins, focusing on high volumes instead.

We are flexible in our operations. We offer special rates for corporates and others who require our services on a regular basis. Our customer support team, available round the clock, offers flexible pricing options, based on your exact requirements. Call our Rochester minibus hire service now to get a highly customised quote.


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