Minibus and Coach Hire Prices

Minibus and coach hire prices are determined on a per-kilometre basis.  The prices depend on several factors, such as the fuel costs, maintenance and cleaning costs, depreciation of the vehicle, driver’s wages, wages of support staff, and overheads. The operators charge their profit on top of these expenses. Taxes may be extra. The prices may also vary depending on the season as demand. During the time of peak-season, prices tend to be higher, and vehicles may book out in advance. In low season, when demand for vehicles may be less, operators tend to offer discounts, taking a cut on their margins, to keep the fleet running. It is always better for minibus operators to keep their fleet running, as an idle vehicle is more likely to develop trouble, and the staff, including drivers, may also have to be idle.

With our Rochester minibus hire service, you are always assured of low rates and the best service. We fully imbibe the adage “a stitch in time saves nine.” Accordingly, we make prompt and proactive maintenance to ensure problem are nipped in the bud and does not escalate to costly repairs. We constantly evaluate our vehicles for performance and dispose of vehicles once they are six years old. Older vehicles tend to require more maintenance and repairs and turn fuel inefficient as well. With such proactive measure, we keep costs low and are able to offer good deals even during peak season. We also position ourselves as a volume player, deploying a large fleet of vehicles, and attracting a huge customer base, by charging low margins.

Needless to say, our Rochester minibus service prides itself on offering superior service and delighting the customer. The various glowing testimonials we have received stands proof of the fact we deliver the best value to our customers.


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